Mastering the Art of Reading Aloud a Book


Categories: Teacher Training
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Course Overview

Mastering the Art of Reading Aloud a Book will teach you how to get your students of all ages engaged, excited and motivated to read books and learn English. Participants will examine and practice the art of storytelling in reading aloud using a printed copy of a book or an online book from Free Kids Books or MagicBlox. We will discuss the use of different types of books, not just picture books. You will learn tips and tricks to use to keep your students excited and engaged. This will increase the student’s memory and listening capacity which will augment the learning and retention of grammar, syntax, story structure and vocabulary. Participants will be video documenting their work for individual critiques and individually creating a Read Aloud Video for their own use in the classroom using their own images with text or a printed copy or online book. 

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